Sociology Personal Statement Sample

Prompt 1:

My academic accomplishments prove that I am capable of holding my own in an arena where prejudices and discrimination could have proven to be my undoing both as a person and as a student. Academic life was not easy for me because of the financial constraints that my family faced since I came from a single parent household. I never complained about my life situation then because I did not want my mother to feel like a failure. Instead of wallowing in self pity, I decided to take my future into my own hands. Choosing instead to fight discrimination and prejudice by excelling where I knew the others in my school would fail.

My participation in various sports activities has helped me to continuously learn more about my abilities as a person.

Becoming part of the school teams taught me a lot about learning to trust other people to have my back when it is necessary. I learned how to analyze the actions of the other team in order to counter act their actions so that my team could gain the upper hand tactically and score more points in the process. There would be roadblocks towards achieving that goal but these blocks should never deter one from achieving their goal in life.

Sports taught me to read people through their actions. Analyzing their nuances and second guessing their actions based upon perceived outcomes. By becoming more analytical and observant of my surroundings, I have become a well rounded person who has a better grasp and understanding of the world around me.

The training that I received in the field of academic sports has helped hone me into an exemplary high school student. My academic life emulates my life on the sports field in the sense that I am always on time and responsible for all my actions both in the classroom and on campus. I may not be as book smart as my other classmates, but what I lack for in theoretical knowledge, I more than make up for with common sense and my uncanny ability of observation. I get by in class not because I can glide along, I am not dumb, but because I know how to effectively use my best character traits in the pursuit of my academic excellence. That is something that my class mates and friends have always fallen short of.

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Prompt 2:

I am not one of the more common students that can be seen in the regular universities because of my Afro-Peruvian heritage. I am proud of my ancestry because it has offered me the great opportunity of always having to prove myself to those around me who have a tendency to underestimate my abilities. Having been raised by a single mom, she taught me at an early age that I would eventually need to stand on my own and prove myself if I wish to get ahead in the world. More importantly, I am the first generation within my family who has been given the opportunity of a lifetime. I was not only born in America, but I am also the first to have the opportunity in our family to attend college. My perseverance in accomplishing more than what is expected of me has brought tremendous honor to my grandfather, who took a risk when he first came over to America as an illegal immigrant with my then 14 year old father and his 5 siblings. He felt that because of the economic problems Peru was embroiled in at the time, taking a risk as an illegal immigrant with his family in America was worth the risk. He wanted to make sure that somehow, he would give his children a better shot at a bright future which they may not have had if they had stayed on in Peru.

I grew up being regaled by the stories of yesteryear from my grandparents. My grandfather in particular was a library of old time information. He loved to tell me about the time when he was growing up and what the world was like when he was first an adult. He never lacked the time nor the patience to tell me about the historical events that he had lived through and how he felt it changed our society in general.

His observation of how our world has changed since the last World War and how the people have evolved from a caring and loving culture into a society of self-centered people are lessons that are forever etched in my mind. It was his stories, life experience, and observations that led me to seriously consider a career in the field of Sociology.

The choice of sociology as my major is really quite simple. Having grown up as a sports enthusiast, observing people in their natural habitat became second nature to me. Understanding why they act a certain way became an intriguing mystery for me. It is the secret of the human society as a whole that I plan to uncover by completing a degree in sociology.

I plan on taking a double major in Business alongside my Sociology studies and I believe that a serious understanding of our history and culture as a people, as a society, will help me better understand and predict the business trends and cycles of the future.

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