Sample Of Speech Writing

It appears that the society is characterized by a scenario where people with challenging social backgrounds prosper when exposed to socio-economic conditions that provide an equal platform for personal development and growth. In most cases, words, pictures as well as drawing may not provide a proper description of the challenges that individuals face from time to time. The United States has provided the majority of legal immigrants with a conducive environment for development, interacting with other people freely and comfortably.

Rhys Reynaldo Placido Joaquin is that one student that has endured various social challenges being a third born from parents who immigrated to the United States from the Philippines. I must confess that this is one of most motivated students I have met in the school compound. At the  age of 28 years, usually a person is expected to be working or be married; however, in the case of Rhys, he has shown a lot of motivation towards completing his college educations. He is driven by an ambition of changing the society through the application of effective environmental and medical knowledge.

I believe that the past challenges Rhys faced could be the motivating factors towards his zeal to prosper in the United States. He has worked with certain companies where he shown excellent performance and even combined the jobs with his studies. Rhys is an open-minded person with a lot of creativity; he has a tattoo on his left arm that could be meaningless to any person, but after understanding his explanation regarding the structure of the tattoo, one can see how creative Rhys is.

Social challenges are usually faced in different dimensions of the society by almost all society members. However, if the experience is the best teacher as some have claimed, then past social challenges could also act as motivation towards hard work as in the case of Rhys Reynaldo.

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