Nursing School Admission Essay Sample

Admission Essay
I strongly believe that advanced technologies are very important in saving lives. Certain types of diseases like certain types of cancers and conditions like sports injuries can easily be detected at their earliest stage through the use of CT and MRI scans. Early diagnosis can lead to early treatment which is very crucial in saving lives.

With the hope of helping people who are suffering from certain types of diseases and injuries, my career goal is to finish the radiology program and become a CT and MRI technician. I believe that learning how to use technology to diagnose diseases and injuries is very import and that by being a CT and MRI technician I will be able to help other people.

Since I am a big sports fan, I want to continue schooling and focus on learning how to use new technologies to diagnose sports injuries. I have read so many stories of great athletes who dropped out at the height of the competitions due to crippling injuries. There are also stories of athletes who ended up being in the hospital simply because they and their coaches did not know that their injuries  were  serious and even life-threatening. If only these athletes had access to life-saving technology before, during and after every competition, they could have been diagnosed early on, and further damage to their bodies would have been prevented. By working as a CT and MRI technician, I would be able to help athletes avoid crippling injuries that could lead to the demise of their careers.

After finishing the radiology program, I plan to work as an intern for a clinic that cater for  athletes. This way, I will be able to gain some experience which may be useful when I apply for a job as a CT and MRI technician for a sports team.

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