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1)      A description of the study population, if any

The study population was divided into five sectors. The study population was divided on the basis of age groups. The age groups were well defined. They have even defined the age group into student and non-student basis in the age group when there are some who go on forward to study at the university level and some who give up education an pursue various other trainings.

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In my opinion the age grouping and the target population is fine, but they should have expanded the study to around 100 or 150 participants, this way they would have gotten a more holistic view of the whole situation.  Also, what I feel is that they should have included one more range of ages, as there are older people who are also tech savvy and spend a lot of time on the social networking sites and on the internet in general.

2) A brief statement of the research methods used,

The research that was used was a good one. Having focus groups help you get a better insight into the psyche of the people. There are people who generally do not speak up and like to remain mum about their opinions and having them in focus groups can also help you gain insights in places where you would have never gotten any response. Using focus groups is also beneficial as there is a sense of anonymity and people tend to speak up their minds more openly since they are in groups. There is no mention of using TATs or other such technique; the focus groups could have been more refined and fruitful if this was utilized as well.

3) A brief statement of the evaluation tools (metrics) used,

Evaluation tools were not satisfactory at all. The author has used very simple approach and it does not have any greater depth in the results of the research. The author has generalized it with the usage of the social media only. This way many other aspects that’s should have covered and considered as well. Another factor is that the author hasn’t even considered the other factors that should have been incorporated in the result of the study (Creswell, 2009).

4) A summary of the conclusions presented

The conclusions are to an extent is what can be expected by the people involved in the study. The young ones may get attracted to the advertisements that appear but the older ones may tend to feel that they are getting disturbed by it. It also became evident from the research that people still use the social media as a method of connecting with people. People use it to connect with old friends and new ones too. There is yet space for marketers to gain the full use of social networking sites as a tool for marketing.

5) Your evaluation of the work.

Brand commitment is mainly an attitude of a consumer. When you feel committed to one thing you stand by it through the HI’s and lows of it and do not abandon it. If the customer likes a brand then he/she will always compare the brands belonging to the same category and then they will decide the brand that they prefer over others because, this will make them look at the brighter and the positive aspect of the things rather than the negative things. When a customer does not like a brand then only negative things come in their mind and makes them leave it reducing brand commitment. Social sites can be used as a proper tool for marketing. I feel that the research would have been a more through one if more people would have been taken into account. The division age group wise was a very wise way as it can help conduct cross sectional studies as well. The use of social media is far more common in the young generation and therefore, there are low chances for the marketing segment to grab the attention of the older generation through it. More through research should have also been conducted to make sure that the results were of the desired level. To assure that there are better results some sort of activity could have been also conducted so that better insights are gained from the study. The idea of the research is quite a nice one. In my opinion there are more potential in marketing through social media. It is quite easier and as well as has a better far reaching response then the other sources. Marketing in the wireless world will contribute to the profits while taping less into the cash flow of the company (Creswell, 2009).


       Creswell, J. W. (2009). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Los Angeles: Sage.

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