Anthropology Latin America

The “Right Turn” depicts the expectations of the U. S-Latin American relations and the people regarding the same. The tools that might be used in gaining power are discussed in the articles, and the manner errors in the left governments set the stage. Latin America is on the verge of a significant shift right based on the evidence in the manner in which the governments act. The conservative elites in Brazil, for instance, focus on the economic malaise and corruption in the country while expressing their discontent on the manner in which the government is managed. The technocratic coalition in Argentina shocked the long rooted Peronism to hardly win the state’s top job and has, therefore, made a mark on the economic and social landscape that threaten the significant gains by the labor activists and human rights community. The right power is growing as depicted through the former president of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, who led the alliance of economic and religious reactionaries to scuttle a historic chance of peace.

The author illustrates the shift to the right made by the various nations in Latin America towards developing their countries regarding democracy and promoting social activism. The definition of Right in the contemporary society is highlighted by the authors striving to find the best explanation of the term. For instance, in the case of Argentina, as presented by the author Casullo, the country’s elected president Macri has led to a shift in the nation if not in the entire Latin America based on the methods of his governance.

The reading is relevant to today’s world based on the manner countries from all the continents focus on making a shift to the right by electing visionary leaders and agitating for their social democracy.


  1. What is new in the development of the right wing ascendance?
  2. Is Latin America really taking turns to the right?



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