Website That Types Your Essay For You is a website that types your essay for you. Yep, it’s that easy. Do you remember those days at high school when you had your Microsoft Word open just in case your parents come in? And you started typing as soon as they did. We all went through that.

How Does EssayTyper Work?

EssayTyper does exactly this. You bang on the keyboard and the words appear. The document appears as soon as you type the topic. And then … all you need to do is to start banging on the keyboards… and magic will appear.  It’s really fun and FREE.

Is EssayTyper Legit?

Wait what? No No No. Never ever try to use it legitimately. The site says that it is a combination of magic and Wikipedia. So this is plagiarism, guys.

It is a great tool for fooling you parents that you are actually writing a paper.

Where Does Essaytyper Get Their Essays?

Wikipedia! Oh and magic of course.

Will My Teacher Know If I Used EssayTyper For My Essay?

Your teacher may not find out that you used EssayTyper, but they will definitely find out that this is plagiarism.

Will EssayTyper Pass TURNITIN?

If you copy a Wikipedia article into TURNITIN, about 100% of the text will yellow showing that this is plagiarized. So I’m sure you guessed the answer.

Is EssayTyper Safe?

Safe for what? It’s not like you are going to kill anybody with your essay, right? It is absolutely safe for showing off and typing like a BOSS. Just kidding of course, but I already mentioned – don’t try to use it legitimately.