Critical Thinking Essay And Papers

Critical thinking, in essence, is fundamentally essential in a person’s everyday life. It allows a person to respond to situations in a systematical manner that produces a rational thought and a relevant solution to problems there may be.

This is why we place a valuable importance in each and every one to master the art of critical thinking because of the many benefits that it could contribute to improve one’s quality of life. For instance, it would significantly help anyone to land a job of their dreams. In tough situations, a person may be able to properly identify different alternatives to solve a problem and decide on the most feasible one. In a more relatable sense, critical thinking allows anyone to determine whether a news article posted online comes from a legitimate source or not.

You may ask yourself, “how to do critical thinking?” As we have mentioned, there are various situations in life that anyone can apply critical thinking, even in the most simple or seemingly mundane decision of what meal to next considering different factors such as (but not limited to) nutritional value, price, and place. There are no exact same steps that may work of everyone but only a conscious commitment and determination to improve in the said area. In an academic setting, schools take their part in honing their students’ abilities by giving out critical thinking writing assignment or perhaps a critical thinking case study assignment. Professors partake in writing multiple choice questions that demand critical thinking.


A critical writing essay is essentially a link between critical thinking and academic writing. Each piece presents certain evidences such as previous studies of the same topic or niche and an author takes an in-depth discussion and analysis that either confirms or differs these evidences. Another form is that an author presents its own arguments and evidences in form of a comprehensive discussion through critical thinking writing.

While it certainly takes time for one to become prolific in critical thinking essay writing but as learning curve implies, repetitive argumentative writing requires students to think critically; hence, it will aid in enhancing their skills in areas of critical thinking and reading writing.

A amalgamation of academic writing and critical thinking plays a very important role, thus a perfect recipe for honing critical thinking and problem solving skills for students of all ages.


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